Top CRO Tools to Boost Your Website Success

Last updated on April 14, 2024 by Ravi Desai

The digital landscape around us is competitive, and every visitor counts. Conversion rate optimization or CRO tools is an essential practice that maximizes the percentage of visitors who take the desired action. The right tools are needed to achieve the CRO. Below, we have given a list that can fulfill the conversion rate optimization checklist.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 12 conversion rate optimization tools that can help you optimize your website and increase conversions.

  1. HelloBar 

HelloBar is a website pops-up and lead-capturing tool aimed at helping businesses grow. This tool needs no coding, so businesses can create eye-catching popups, modals and sliders to target specific audiences based on various factors like website behaviour, location and email addresses.  This tool is designed to promote discounts, collect email addresses, offer lead management, and display target messages to the audience. Hence, by making lead capture and conversion easier, HelloBar helps business turn their website visitors into leads and, ultimately, profitable customers.  The two main eye-catching features of HelloBar are customizability and compatibility. The tool requires a single-step installation, enabling easy WordPress integration with Shopify and Wix.   

2. HotJar

HotJar is a website heatmap and behaviour analytics tool that can help users interact with your website. By using this tool, users can see things like click, scroll, record user sessions and collect feedback.  In simple terms, it can be interpreted that HotJar chips into the website to provide the users with a visual representation of visitors in the form of colours. Hence, the higher the user activity, the bolder colours are accessible in that region. This information can help the users in recalibrating the website for engagement and conversions.  HotJar is an easy-to-use tool, even for non-technical users. With a plethora of benefits, the major limitation of this tool is there is no option to download the records. 

3. Instagram 

Instapage is a landing page builder that can also assist in becoming a conversion rate optimization powerhouse. The drag-and-drop feature of this tool can help you create high-converting pages without coding, whereas the perspiration features can deliver unique experiences to users based on their visitor segments.  The A/B testing feature can help you identify the winning variations, and stamps reveal user behaviours to assist further in optimization. These website conversion tools like heat maps, split testing, form builders, and analytics can help make effective landing page decisions and increase sales. Additionally, the integration with analytics and marketing tools can strain the workflow.  So what's the for? Whether you are a targeted marketer or a beginner, Instapage empowers you to maximize conversions and boost your website. 

4. ConvertBox 

ConvertBox is a popular website conversion tool for its robust optimization and popups. The tool helps you design personalized experiences with different layouts, custom fields, and A/B testing capabilities.  This tool travels beyond the static forms using smart targeting based on the visitor's behaviours to deliver the right message at the right time. ConvertBox allows multi-step forms for progressive data collection and integration, including tracking and retargeting the pixels. It is a one-time payment tool focusing on target engagement and conversion through dynamic forms and personalized experiences.  The algorithm of the ConvertBox is specialized to analyze multiple variables such as scroll percentage and the number of clicks accurately to target specific customer segments. One can also track every detail in real-time, limiting the mistakes that may occur. 

5. OptinMonster 

OptinMonster is a software that provides your website with a diverse arsenal of high-converting campaign types like scroll boxes, popups and countdown timers. The data-driven approach sets this tool apart from others.  OptinMonster provides users with different A/B designs, penalizes offers, and tracks performance with built-in analytics. It leads to users and helps integrate popular eCommerce platforms to boost sales and recover the abandonment of visitors.  Hence, OptinMonster should be an essential tool to drive website traffic to loyal customers. Additionally, it is a user-friendly option, making it accessible for everyone. So stop losing the visitors and start converting them into valuable customers using OptinMonster!

6. OmniConvert 

OmniConvert is a comprehensive tool designed to boost the performance of your website. The tool empowers your website with A/B testing to compare the different versions of your pages to provide personalized experiences tailored to meet specific requirements such as cart value, weather, location, and many more.  This tool also provides insightful surveys to gather valuable customer feedback and segmentation information to target the right audience with the correct piece of information.  So whether you are an eCommerce business or lead generation website, Omniconvert can help you turn more visitors to your website into paying customers and engaging subscribers.

7. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you understand website and app traffic; it tracks various sections, such as the demographics of visitors, user behaviour, and acquisition resources. By using Google Analytics insights, you can make data-driven decisions about the improvement of your website or app, optimization of the market campaigns and achieving the desired business goals.  In 2023, Google Analytics launched a new update called Google Analytics (GA4), focusing on the privacy of the user and cross-platform measurement. Additionally, the machine learning capabilities offer the deeper insignia and predictive analysis to stay ahead of the curve.  So, if you want to use Google Analytics for your website, then many resources are available, like YouTube tutorials and LinkedIn articles for advanced mastery. Additionally, the free version of Google Analytics has a bag full of features for both small and medium business requirements. 

8. CrazyEgg 

CrazyEgg is a website optimization tool that can help users interact with your website. By using features like heat maps, session recordings, and A/B testing, CrazyEgg can unveil where users click, scroll, or get stuck. Hence, you can utilize these insights to optimize your website for better engagement, user experience and conversions.  The sole focus of this tool is heat mapping, and it excels from there. The tool maps help the customer's workflow through several views, including the heatmap, scroll mao, confetti and overlay views. This helps in understanding the in-depth website activity to generate educated designs and layout decisions. 

9. Survey Monkey 

Survey Monkey CRO focuses on transforming website visitors into engaged users by leveraging the power of online surveys. The tool's approach combines targeted questionnaires, user experience optimization, and data-driven decision-making.  The platform offers customers free plans and user-friendly interfaces that encourage exploration with comprehensive features like logic jumps, branching and skip logic guides. Additionally, the AI powdered insights can help in collecting valuable data points on user behaviour, allowing SurveyMonekt to personalize the experience and provide relevant calls to action at key moments. Hence, the platform ultimately leads to high conversion rates, turning wandering visitors into paying customers and active users of the website. 

10. HubSpot 

HubSpot offers customers various resources to help in improving their business and marketing efforts. The strategies employed by HubSpot can help in converting more visitors into leads and customers.  Various services are offered by HubSpot to their users. They are as follows: 
  • Free CRO tool
  • Resources such as templates, articles, guides, and tools are available to help you with the best conversion optimization practices. 
  • Hubspot software 
    • It offers marketing sales and service tools within, but CRO features like lead generation forms, analyses and A/B testing. 
  • HubSpot Academy 
    • The academy provides users with various online courses and certifications to develop specialized CRO skills. 
  • Partner ecosystem 
    • It provides a network of agencies and consultants specializing in CRO to cater to specific requirements. 

11. Optimizely 

Optimized CRO leverages the power of experimentation to transform the website and app into conversion champions. So, wherever you are looking to boost sign-ups, purchases, or engagement, the platform allows you to test the different designs, messaging, and features. Optimsley goes beyond the power of tools. It offers expert guidance and resources to build a data-driven optimization culture. Remember that Optimsely is designed for high-traffic websites.  Additionally, one should note that it is one of the best conversion rate optimization tools which can also work for low-traffic websites due to its user-friendly interfaces. The tool offers users split and multi-page testing capabilities. In simple terms, one can say that Optimizely can run different experiments based on the location, cookies and other parameters of the website simultaneously.  

12. ContentSquare

ContenetSquare is a powerful platform tool that can empower conversion rate optimization efforts. The tool is designed to move beyond traditional analytics by capturing rich user behaviour data, including session recrossing, user journeys and heatmaps. Thus, an in-depth understanding of the tool reveals that users can convert or abandon, uncovering the hidden friction points and even the opportunities for improvement.    This CRO research tool allows the users to prioritize and test the A/B variations with ease. The data-driven insights, personalized experience, and streamlined conversations can help you boost your website organically.  So if you are looking for a tool that can boost your CRO, creating a frictionless user-centric experience with measurable results, then give ContentSqaure a try!


CRO tools are designed to empower your business. They provide traffic to your website through a data-driven, friendly approach, providing signs to improve the user experience and boost conversions. These tools, when paired with strategic planning and execution, can unlock significant growth potential for your business. To help you in achieving the required above a list of best conversion rate optimization tools is given!

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