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Overview is a modern marketplace for home services, such as cleaning, pest control, and AC services. It includes real-time tracking of the status of service requests. The founder had only a rough idea of what he wanted to build, but I was hired full-time to build the platform and joined the team in Dubai in 2016.


I led and solo designed the end-to-end process, including discovery, user research, requirements, design, usability testing, and support through launch.

The Challenge

Starting from scratch, the premise of the project was to launch the first release of's product. The early strategy was straightforward: build a product and gain market share through product differentiation.

The Goals
  • Identify the right problem and draw the right conclusions.

  • Build a product that provides an easier experience for customers to use home services.

  • Build a product for customers who are facing problems using home services.

  • Give confidence to customers and businesses.

  • Build a scalable product.

  • Add the most popular and usable 8-10 services used by households.

Project Kickoff and Early foundational research
  • After a lot of discussion sessions, we had a clear business strategy. We now need to turn it into a product strategy and scope.

  • To start, we wanted to know who our customers are, what their pain points are, and how they are currently experiencing the home services process in the UAE.

Discovery and Early Foundational Research

Following our expert interviews with the founding team, we went on to gather data from the field. Since the product team was in Dubai, a neighboring city with different housing and in-house regulations, we leveraged the fact that leasing was a common situation for many.

We recruited our participants through personal networks and contacts from Dubai and Sharjah city. We interviewed 4-5 participants for both customer and supplier (who provides the services) user roles to create early insights for all stakeholders.

User interviews revealed that demand was mostly driven by the expat community, who are working professionals and students, as they don’t have much time from working days.

Brainstorming, ideation, and wireframing

After understanding the requirements, we started sketching and wireframing the various solutions possible for various flows.


In a competitive home service market, is ready to offer a rewarding experience for both customers and providers.

Because booking and completing home services can be stressful, aims to help you every step of the way as a marketplace.

servio-new-5 servio-new-6
  • Raised $5 million in funding from Kazakh investors.

  • Created a complete end-to-end product for launch, including web and mobile apps.

  • Received positive feedback from customers and providers.

  • Launch the first version as soon as possible.

  • Do not try to make the perfect product; nothing is perfect.

  • Test as much as possible.

  • Try to understand real customers and do not assume.

  • Be ready for failure.

  • Do not fall in love with the first design.

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