The professional redesign of the main pages increased overall signups by 13.6% - Home Title Lock


Home Title Lock protects your home equity and title by monitoring your home's deed. Our goal was to increase the conversion rate by getting more signups.


The current designs have usability and accessibility problems, and the site is not user-friendly. Desktop and mobile users need to scroll significantly. We want to test if a more professional-looking design will increase credibility and signups.


  • Will a more professional-looking homepage and signup page design increase credibility and signups?

  • Will it at least not hurt signups so that we can have more credibility with regulators and attorneys and possibly expand the target market without hurting the conversion rate?

  • Would emphasizing the Sign Up CTA while keeping it consistently at the top of the page, no matter where visitors navigate or land, help improve signups?

The Goals

Our goal was to redesign their website to increase the conversion rate and see if a more professional-looking design would increase credibility and signups.

The founder of HTL wanted to redesign the full website, but we at Growth Rock suggested that we first test the redesign on the main pages to see if it would increase the conversion rate. Once we have positive results, then we can move forward with redesigning the full website.


Since most of HTL's target audience is older people, we redesigned the homepage with their needs in mind. We chose the brand color blue and a more readable font.

  • Professional redesign of main pages resulted in 13.6% increase in overall signups.

  • Changing CTA color from black to blue and increasing font size led to another increase in conversation and sign-up page visits.

  • Making 12-month plan the default resulted in 40% increase in annual plan signups, with 90% statistical significance.

  • Making all three plans visible on mobile helped customers make buying decisions quickly.

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